What is History Briefs?

Do you want to learn something during your busy day? There are some awesome one-hour, two-hour, and even three-hour history podcasts out there.  If you've got the time, you can gain a wealth of knowledge. But, what about when you're on the run and want to fit some brief history knowledge into your schedule? History Briefs is for you.

Brief bits of history you may know only a little bit about or not at all presented in 20 minutes or less. Some small parts of major events and some quirky stuff too. Subjects come from world history, American history, entertainment, ancient history, cultural, English, European, medieval, political, economic, social, world war, civil war...this could go on all day. Some will surprise you. Some will be silly. You never know what you're going to get, but you do know it will be brief.

About the Host

Brad Shreve


Since a young age, Brad has had a fascination with history. Not your typical history class curriculum, such as wars, monarchies, or empires, but more what life was like for the common folk throughout time. The kind of people we can relate to.

Brad's interest heightened after becoming an author and researched the history of communities for his novels.

Over the years, he has lived throughout the U.S. in the North, South, Midwest, the Great Plains, and the Desert Southwest. He currently calls Los Angeles home.